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get some new music, son.

Album Rankings

Albums are evaluated in five categories: album unity, longevity, musicianship, originality, and production. Album Unity deals with the consistency of the album as a single artwork. In the Aeroplane Over the Sea would be a good example of an album with a high unity rating. Longevity describes the listenability over an extended period of time, or about how long the album should remain exciting. Musicianship evaluates the quality of the players, man. Originality is a fairly straightforward English word which can be defined simply as “being something fresh.” It is my opinion that an album like Double Nickels on the Dime can be considered very original, a ten perhaps. Production is a tricky word that can best be summed up as “the ease of the music landing upon my eardrums.” Sound quality and the mix are key factors here.

Spiderman of the Rings 39 Spiderman of the Rings – Dan Deacon
Trip Into The Body 39 Trip Into The Body – Johan Timman
Monster Movie 38 Monster Movie – Can
Luv Machine Cover 34 Luv Machine – Luv Machine

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  1. Penoza schetst een indringend beeld van de Nederlandse onderwereld waarin keuzes met betrekking tot familie, loyaliteit en geld op het scherp van de snede worden gemaakt. Word nu lid van de KRO voor maar € 10,- per jaar en ontvang de complete DVD-box met 7 DVD’s van de serie ‘Penoza’ helemaal gratis als welkomstgeschenk.

    Comment by Penoza DVD | 7 January, 2014 | Reply

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